The Association of Political Journalists

The Finnish Association of Political Journalists (Politiikan toimittajat ry) is an association for journalists who follow politics as their principal job.

The association aims to facilitate the journalists’ work and information acquisition, and increase their appreciation. We cherish the freedom of speech and freedom of the press and keep up with societal changes significant for our work.

The association actively organizes events and training in order to develop the competence of its members. Members have the opportunity to apply for the association’s book grant each year.

Every year, the association makes a member/study trip to an interesting destination from the point of view of international or Finnish politics. In previous years, the association has visited Scotland, Austria, and Estonia.

The Finnish Association of Political Journalists was established in 1967. This small journalists’ association has grown into a society of some 150 journalists over the decades.

The association is independent of party politics.

Board of the Association 2021-2022

Olli Waris (Ilta-Sanomat), chair of the board

Ingemo Lindroos (Svenska Yle), 2. vice-chair

Ossi Rajala (MTV)

Saila Kiuttu (STT) 

Simo Alastalo (Demokraatti)

Teemu Muhonen (HS), 1. vice-chair

Hannu Tikkala (Yle), secretary

Vice members:

Pauliina Pohjala (Suomenmaa)

Erno Laisi (Uutissuomalainen)


The association members are journalists who follow and comment on the activities of the Parliament, the Council of State, parties, labour market organizations, and organizations on a European level (the European Union, the Council of Europe).

A person applying for membership must work full-time as a political journalist. A superior’s or an editor’s assurance of this must be included in the membership application.

Under the association’s rules, the members must be news journalists, not e.g. columnists or caricaturists, even if they are mainly commenting on politics. This specification was added in the rules in 1971.

In practice, the association has not been quite as strict. A few journalists whose job description has slightly changed but who have remained within the political sphere have been allowed to remain as members in the capacity of an article-writing or freelance journalist.

You can send your application and its attachments to the association’s board by e-mail: Membership applications will be discussed in the next board meeting.

The association’s annual membership fee is 25 euros.

You’re very welcome to join us!

Contact information


Politiikan toimittajat ry

Hannu Tikkala / Yleisradio

PL 66, 00024 Helsinki, Finland

Chair of the board

Olli Waris


Hannu Tikkala